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Clear Peak Capital

More Than A Private Equity Partner.


Accelerating the Future for IT Services Businesses Through Tailored Growth Solutions.

Our Focus: IT Services

We believe that deep expertise in defined industry verticals yields the best outcomes. This belief allows us – as investors and operators – to focus on how we can help grow best-in-class businesses by allocating capital deliberately and bringing specific resources to the table.

We are interested in acquiring businesses in the verticals of Digital Transformation, Managed Service Providers (“MSPs”), and IT Asset Managers & Disposition (“ITAM” / “ITAD”).

If you are looking to accelerate growth and have a company that fits, please reach out.    

Investment Criteria

Digital transformation.webp

Digital Transformation

Business Model Attributes

Companies that are doing important work for clients evidenced by concentration, long tenures, and increasing headcount and bill rates.


Open to all delivery models: on-shore, near-shore, and off-shore but will ideally have large US-based enterprise clients.

Size: $2mm-$5mm of EBITDA


Public Cloud:

AWS / Azure / GCP application modernization and custom application development.

Data & Analytics: Databricks, Snowflake, PowerBI, Tableau, etc.

Enterprise Software:

Companies that are facilitating the delivery and customization of large install-base software providers (e.g. Salesforce/Mulesoft, Adobe, Oracle, IBM Maximo, etc.)


Managed Service Providers

Business Model Attributes

Holistic outsourced IT services to small to medium-sized enterprises.


Demonstrating an ability to grow within existing accounts and adding new accounts. Ideally providing 2+ capabilities as defined below and clients with an average of >$2,000 MRR. 

Size: $500k-$5mm of EBITDA



Device management

IT help desk 

Cloud enablement / Private cloud


Project-based work (e.g. setting up new offices)


IT Asset Management & Disposition

Business Model Attributes

IT asset managers that are facilitating high velocity and count of IT assets to large organizations. 

ITAD firms that have demonstrated an ability to wrap some service-based revenue around an inherently product-based revenue model.


Size: $1mm-$5mm of EBITDA

Client Attributes 

IT Asset Management:

Large enterprises that are in need of tens of thousands of devices to be procured, imaged, and maintained.

IT Asset Disposition:

Large enterprises with concentrated sources of equipment (e.g. datacenters.) 

Regulated industries valuing ESG and data protection.

Founder Philosophy

Mountains in Fog



We partner with leaders and dedicated teams who believe in building great businesses through collaboration with all stakeholders.


As a steadfast partner, our commitment and support is unwavering through the highs and lows, recognizing that the journey to success always involves overcoming setbacks.


Transparency & Alignment

Transparency and alignment are foundational for our partnerships and are guiding principles for our interactions with all stakeholders.


We develop alignment on major decisions as a team and there are no hidden agendas. We strive to act with integrity and open communication at every juncture.


Value Add Through Industry and Functional Experts

We have in-house and extensive relationships with both industry and functional experts.


At every step of the journey, we roll up our sleeves alongside you to not only address challenges but to uncover new growth opportunities for your business.

Clear Peak Philosophy

Clear Peak 

People Make the Investment

The founder, the management team, our capital partners, and the people we bring around the investment will dictate success. We myopically focus on having the right folks around the table. 

Margin of Safety

No investment will go up and to the right. We protect the downside by having the right people and demeanor, buying at the right price, and using low levels of leverage.

Deep Expertise

We dive deep into the sub-themes of IT services, allowing us to move with speed and conviction. 


We are constantly learning and pulling on threads of curiosity to deepen our knowledge. This allows us to proactively allocate time and capital to the most favorable niches. 

Process Over Outcome

Every plan developed will be "wrong" the day it's published. Through continual process improvement and questioning of our assumptions our goal is to be less wrong. 

Flexibity of Thought

Changing your mind as the facts change is rewarded, not admonished. "I was wrong" means we are learning and moving forward.

Our Team



Donza Worden


Tel: 906.322.7483

Donza has spent ten years in private equity, most recently as an investment professional at NMS Capital where he led the IT Services investment theme. Previously, he was an investment professional at LaSalle Capital. Over his career, he has completed 15+ transactions totaling approximately $1 billion in value.


Donza has extensive experience with thematic investing, including ideation, transaction execution, and portfolio management. He has led multiple transactions with founder-owned businesses and has experience developing and implementing structured solutions for each situation. He prides himself on his ability to work with founders, sellers, and management teams to understand unique transaction goals and develop aligned outcomes.


Earlier in his career, Donza worked in investment banking at R.W. Baird.


Luke Schneider


Luke has been an executive in PE-backed businesses in Technology and Healthcare, including two CFO roles and as Head of Corporate Development. Additionally, he has consulted in multiple operational capacities for PE-backed businesses and previously worked as an investment professional at Flexpoint Ford. 


Luke understands the complex issues in scaling and managing a high-growth company with limited resources. He is a hands-on leader with experience leading critical, cross-functional projects and needs including acquisitions and integration, annual budgeting, and strategic planning. He prides himself on his ability to work collaboratively with stakeholders at all levels, from the Board of Directors to departmental staff members.


Earlier in his career, Luke worked in investment banking at R.W. Baird.

Industry Experts

Jim Dixon_edited.jpg

Jim Dixon

Former CEO of CompuCom

ITAD/ITAM Industry

Clear Peak BOC 1_edited.jpg

Brian O'Connell

Former Principal and Shareholder of Service Leadership


MSP Industry

Clear Peak Capital - Logo - transparent Background mtn.jpg

To Be Announced

Former President of [ ]
Former CEO of [  ]

Digital Transformation Expert

Functional Experts

Organic Keyword Search and Adwords Optimization

Operating Packages and Dashboards

Application of AI to Rote Processes 

Mountain Range

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